Yale Head and Neck Program

As a patient of the Yale Head and Neck Program, you will be treated by among the best cancer care specialists in head and neck surgery, otolaryngology, inpatient hospital care, and rehabilitation.

Our head and neck surgeons, Wendell Yarbrough, MD, Clarence Sasaki, MD, FACS, Elias Michaelides, MD, Peter Manes, MD, and Benjamin Judson, MD, are nationally and internationally renowned for their skill in removing cancerous tumors while preserving the delicate and critical structures that affect speaking, breathing, swallowing, hearing, and facial expressions. They specialize in the most sophisticated and minimally invasive surgical techniques, which allow patients to recover more quickly and with less postoperative pain.

As faculty of the Yale School of Medicine Department of Surgery, our surgeons continually integrate the latest in research and evidence-based medicine into their practice so that patients benefit from the most advanced medical care available.

Our team of otolaryngology specialists includes doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, patient coordinators, and office staff who help assure that patients feel completely supported during their pre-surgical, surgical, and postsurgical experience. In part, they assist patients in the transition between the outpatient and inpatient services and educate patients and their families in coping with new requirements and expectations that may be associated with head and neck cancer care. 

Our head and neck hospital care is provided by inpatient nurses who are dedicated and skilled patient advocates. Many have been head and neck nurses for their entire careers. They manage postoperative care with the utmost compassion and proficiency for each and every patient.

Our rehabilitation experts are highly experienced in voice, speech, and swallowing rehabilitation following treatment for head and neck cancer. Their combined skill and sensitive approach helps patients adjust to and overcome any postsurgical changes. 

As part of our goal to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every patient, we collaborate with other world-class surgeons, physicians, and specialists from the Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven to create a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan that focuses on your unique needs and condition. 

We understand that cancer of the head and neck and its treatment process can seem frightening, which is why we take the time to address all your concerns and review your treatment plan with you, in detail. Providing heartfelt support, we will be with you every step of the way.

Dr. Yarbrough Discusses Salivary Cancer

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