Yale Surgery Conferences

Yale School of Medicine on-line calendar.

Basic and Clinical Science Conference—Tuesday 7-8 am, North Pavilion 4-101A/B

This didactic conference is designed to cover a specific curriculum over the entire year. Lectures, case conferences and journal club formats offer varied pedagogic methods and provide variety. Residents are taught the fundamental scientific principles which inform their clinical decision-making and patient management. Medical ethics, medicolegal issues, economic concerns, and information technology are included in the curriculum.

Grand Rounds—Wednesday 7-8 am, Fitkin Amphitheater

Grand Rounds are case-based, with presentation by a resident followed by formal discussion by a faculty member and time for questions. Two cases are presented each week, one representing a General Surgery discipline and one representing a surgical specialty. Both presentations and discussions are concise and focused to interest the entire department. At times throughout the year, prominent surgical educators are invited to Yale as visiting professors and present their work for the entire hour.

Quality Improvement Conference—Wednesday 8-9 am, Fitkin Amphitheater

(General Surgery)

Morbidity and Mortality conferences are a cornerstone of quality improvement in surgery. Deaths and complications are presented by the residents. Open discussion among residents and faculty is intended not to find fault, but to seek better understanding of the events, to educate, and to suggest changes in management or departmental protocols to reduce the risk of future complications. Large specialty sections conduct their own M&M conferences weekly or monthly.

Seminars in Surgical Research, bi-weekly conferencesWednesday 12-1 pm, Brady Auditorium

The Surgical Research conferences are run by John P. Geibel, DSC, MD, MSC, Professor of Surgery, Section of Gastrointestinal and of Cellular and Molecular Physiology; Vice Chair, Director, Surgical Research. Sectional PI's are invited to present at these bi-weekly lectures.

Sectional Conferences

All sections of the Department of Surgery conduct regular teaching conferences, which may include didactic lectures, case presentations and discussion, and teaching rounds. These conferences are designed to further the educational goals and objectives for each discipline.