Gary Sheldon Kopf MD

Professor of Surgery (Section of Cardiac Surgery)

Research Interests

Arrhythmia surgery for congenital heart disease; Clinical research on long term survivors of congenital heart surgery; Experimental surgical models for congenital heart surgery; Web-based educational tools for congenital heart surgery

Selected Publications

  • Tolis G, Korkolis D, Kopf G, and Elefteriades J. Revascularization Alone (Without Mitral Valve Repair) Suffices in Patients With Advanced Ischemic Cardiomyopathy and Mild-to- Moderate Mitral Regurgitation. Ann of Thorac Surg, Vol. 74, p. 1467-1481, November 2002.
  • Elefteriades J, Lovoulos C, Edwards R, Tittle S, Riley T, Tang P, Rocco E, Kopf G. Novel Technique for Isolated Accessory Right Heart Transplantation for Congenital Heart Disease. J Thorac & Cardiovasc Surg (in press).
  • Mello D, Kopf GS. Repair of Infantile Aortic Coarctation and Transverse Arch Hypoplasia with Resection and Extended End to Undersurface of Aortic Arch Anastomosis. CTSNET Experts’ Technique, 2002.
  • Kopf GS, Larson MS, Friedman AH, Lynch PJ, Jaffe CC: On-line educational resource for grown-ups with Congenital heart disease (GUCH): emphasis on imaging modalities and complex surgical procedures. Cardiology in the Young., Vol. 11 (Supp 1), p. 121, May 2001.
  • Moltedo JM, Kopf GS, Mello DM, and Porter GA. Right Coronary Artery Arising from the Left Ventricular Outflow Tract. A Rare Congenital Anomaly of the Coronary Arteries. Pediatric Cardiology. (In press)

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