Get A Second Opinion

At Yale Cardiac Surgery, every member of our team is highly experienced and provides the utmost compassionate support and genuine concern for every patient. Our surgeons are internationally renowned for their experience at treating even the most complex heart conditions in adults and children. Yale Cardiac Surgery welcomes the opportunity to provide a second opinion for you or your child’s cardiac condition and treatment. 

We understand that many patients may be reluctant to seek a second opinion, especially when they have a good relationship with their physician, and they trust in the diagnosis and treatment options provided. However, when you or your child has been diagnosed with a serious cardiac issue, especially one in which surgery has been suggested as a treatment option, it is important to fully understand the cardiac condition and treatment options. In a confidential consultation, our surgeons will review the medical reports and tests in detail and make sure that you thoroughly understand your or your child’s condition and the best treatment options available. In cases where conventional open surgery has been the recommended course of action, our surgeons may offer less invasive alternatives. Minimally invasive procedures allow patients to recover in less time and with less scarring, postoperative discomfort, and physical restrictions.