Giving to Yale School of Medicine

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The School of Medicine gratefully accepts gifts that will further the school's missions of research, education, and advanced clinical care. However you choose to support the activities of our faculty and students, and at whatever level, your gift will have a lasting impact on the face of science and medicine.


Among the school’s priorities, as it enters its third century, are the following:
  • Endowment: Endowment funds provide a permanent, secure annual income stream for designated programs—such as scholarships, professorships and targeted research efforts.
  • Facilities: Teaching spaces, research laboratories, and the development of Yale’s patient care areas all benefit from philanthropy directed to the construction, expansion, and renovation of our physical plant.
  • Faculty support: Yale Scholar endowments support outstanding junior faculty beginning their academic careers. Named professorships honor and support the work of established faculty members. Your gift will enable physicians and scientists at many stages and in many fields to advance the state of their art.
  • Research support: Gifts for research enable us to increase knowledge at the level of molecules and cells and provide resources for basic investigation and translational, clinical, and population-based studies. Opportunities abound to further understanding of the diseases that afflict humankind and to press on for cures.
  • Scholarships: Scholarship funds support the education of students at the School of Medicine, many of whom would be unable to finance their studies without this crucial help. Medical student indebtedness is a growing challenge that threatens to derail promising careers before they get started. Your gift will support the best and the brightest and allow them to focus their careers where they can do the most good—without the burden of excessive debt.

Our alumni and friends possess an uncommon commitment to supporting and improving the Yale School of Medicine. Their support has enabled the school to fund groundbreaking research and to invest in our infrastructure — with a significant and lasting impact.

For information about gift opportunities, visit or contact Chuck Turner, Associate Vice President for Development at (203) 436-8560 or