Stem Cell Self-Renewal & Asymmetry

Christensen, Sean Ryan

Research Interests:Molecular mechanism of skin cancer development; Regulation of protein translation in keratinocytes; Regulation of keratinocyte stem cells and tumor initiating cells within precancerous field lesions

Clinical Interests:skin cancer; Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstruction; squamous cell carcinoma; basal cell carcinoma; melanoma; rare skin tumors; high-risk skin tumors; photodynamic therapy

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Flavell, Richard A

Research Interests:Animal Models; Autoimmunity; Diabetes; Gene Expression; Gene Transfer; Genes; Immune System; Lyme Borreliosis Or Lyme Disease; Molecular Cellular Entities; Recombinant DNA; Transgenic Animals; Autoimmunity; Knockout Mice; Lyme Disease; T Cell Lineages; Tolerance; Transgenic Mice

  • Office:(203) 737-2216

Guo, Shangqin

Research Interests:Cell fate control; Reprogramming; Hematopoietic stem and progenitors; Leukemogenesis; Cell cycle; live-cell imaging

    Ivanova, Natalia B.

    Research Interests:Embryonic and somatic stem cells; Vertebrate development; Functional genomics; Systems biology

      Kupfer, Gary

      Research Interests:Genomic instability; Development of cancer; Genetic syndrome Fanconi anemia (FA); Viral protein enhancement of cancer therapeutics

      Clinical Interests:Pediatric oncology; genetic markers for diagnosis, prognosis, staging and tracking disease in patients.

      • Office:(203) 785-4640
      • Appt:(203) 785-4640

      Lin, Haifan

      Research Interests:Stem cell RNA-mediated epigenetic programming, post-transcriptional regulation

      Clinical Interests:Stem cell research

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      • Lab:(203) 785-6215

      Lu, Jun

      Research Interests:Non-coding RNAs in blood stem cell differentiation and malignancies; MicroRNA-mediated control of embryonic stem cell fates; MicroRNA mechanisms

      • Office:(203) 737-3426

      Reinke, Valerie

      Research Interests:Functional genomic analysis of global gene expression mechanisms; C. elegans germline development; Germline stem cells

      • Office:(203) 785-5228

      Slack, Frank J

      Research Interests:microRNA; aging; cancer biology; development; RNA; c. elegans

        Weatherbee, Scott Donald

        Research Interests:Limb development; Developmental genetics; Organogenesis; Mouse genetics; Signaling pathways; Embryogenesis

          Zhong, Weimin

          Research Interests:asymmetric cell division; differentiation; neurogenesis; progenitor cell; self-renewal; stem cell

          • Office:(203) 432-9233