RNA & Transcriptional Regulation of Stem Cells

Forget, Bernard G

Research Interests:Molecular Genetics of Erythroid Cell Differentiation; Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology

Clinical Interests:Red blood cell disorders; hemoglobinopathies; red cell membrane disorders; hemolytic anemias; sickle cell anemia; thalassemia

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  • Lab:(203) 785-4154
  • Appt:(203) 785-4744

Gallagher, Patrick G

Research Interests:Neonatal hematology; Erythropoiesis; Inherited abnormalities of the erythrocyte including metabolic, membrane, and hemoglobin disorders; Sickle cell disease; Hereditary spherocytosis; Elliptocytosis; Pyropoikilocytosis; Stomatocytosis

Clinical Interests:Neonatal medicine; Respiratory and circulatory failure; Shock; Prematurity; Newborn hematology and blood problems; Neonatal infectious disease; Genetic disorders

  • Office:(203) 688-2896
  • Lab:(203) 785-4652

Greer, Charles A

Research Interests:Development; Specificity of synaptic circuits; Aging; Cellular and molecular biology of the nervous system

  • Office:(203) 785-4034

Guo, Shangqin

Research Interests:Cell fate control; Reprogramming; Hematopoietic stem and progenitors; Leukemogenesis; Cell cycle; live-cell imaging

    Halene, Stephanie

    Research Interests:Hematopoiesis; Myeloid differentiation; Leukemia; Myelodysplasia

    Clinical Interests:Leukemia; myelodysplasia; myeloproliferative disorders; polycythemia; thrombocytosis; thrombocytopenia; sickle cell disease; thrombosis; coagulation

    • Appt:(203) 200-4363

    Herold, Kevan

    Research Interests:Type 1 diabetes; Immune therapy; Autoimmunity

    Clinical Interests:Diabetes mellitus; hypoglycemia; endocrinology

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    • Appt:(203) 737-1932

    Lin, Haifan

    Research Interests:Stem cell RNA-mediated epigenetic programming, post-transcriptional regulation

    Clinical Interests:Stem cell research

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    • Lab:(203) 785-6215

    Lu, Jun

    Research Interests:Non-coding RNAs in blood stem cell differentiation and malignancies; MicroRNA-mediated control of embryonic stem cell fates; MicroRNA mechanisms

    • Office:(203) 737-3426

    Nguyen, Don

    Research Interests:Metastasis; Lung cancer; Cancer genomics; Tumor microenvironment

    • Office:(203) 737-4514

    Qiu, Caihong

    Research Interests:Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs); Hematopoiestic differentiation of hESCs; Neuronal differentiation of hESCs

      Steitz, Joan A

      Research Interests:Autoantibodies; Gene Expression; RNA; RNA Processing; SnRNPs; Viral Transformation

      • Office:(203) 737-4418

      Sutton, Richard

      Research Interests:HIV replication and the development of small animal models of HIV; HIV vectors; HIV replication and gene transfer into non-dividing cells

      Clinical Interests:HIV and general infectious diseases

      • Office:(203) 737-3648
      • Lab:(203) 737-3632

      Wolin, Sandra L

      Research Interests:Noncoding RNAs; RNA surveillance; RNA damage; Autoimmune disease; Environmental stress

      • Office:(203) 737-4439
      • Lab:(203) 737-4426

      Yan, Qin

      Research Interests:Epigenetics; Gene regulation; Cancer biology; Stem cell biology

      • Office:(203) 785-6672