Position in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew Xiao

A newly established laboratory of Andrew Xiao , Ph.D., Yale Stem Cell Center, Department of Genetics at Yale University School of Medicine is inviting applications for multiple postdoctoral positions.  With an emphasis on chromatin biology, the lab focuses on investigating molecular mechanisms for mammalian stem cell biology, cellular reprogramming (iPS) and embryonic development.

Our research has revealed several new functions of histone variant H2A.X and its novel kinase WSTF in maintaining genome integrity (Nature (2009) V457, 57-62).  Our latest findings motivate us to investigate how H2A.X and WSTF coordinate genome integrity and gene expression during reprogramming (iPS).  Furthermore, we are investigating the role of WSTF in neural crest cell development.  We have multiple well-defined projects available using biochemistry, cell biology, mouse genetics, and genomics & bioinformatics (Chip-Seq and RNA-Seq) tools to address these questions. These projects are partly supported by a NCI Howard Teming Award (K99/R00).  

A successful candidate should be self-motivated with a strong background and experimental skills in molecular biology, as well as a track record of publication. Previous experiences in aforementioned fields are welcome but not required.   Yale Stem Cell Center and Department of Genetics provide a stimulating and collaborative training environment, as well as cutting edge facilities.  We are enjoying collaborations with many world-renown faculty members at Yale.  Interested applicants please send CV and contact information of three referees to:

Andrew Xiao , Ph.D.

Yale Stem Cell Center, Yale University School of Medicine

P.O. Box 208073

New Haven, CT 06520-8073