Positions in the laboratory of Dr. Shangqin Guo

A new lab of Shangqin Guo, Ph.D., Yale Stem Cell Center and Department of Cell Biology at Yale University School of Medicine is seeking curious and inquisitive minds to fulfill a postdoctoral position.

We are interested in learning the cell fate decision processes: how does a cell know what to be and what not to be? We use three biological model systems to investigate this question. 1) Induced pluripotency (Yamanaka reprogramming). 2) Malignant transformation. 3) Hematopoietic stem cell emergence and maintenance. The long term goal of understanding the rules of cell fate decision making is to create desired cell types for cell replacement therapies and to eliminate the emergence of harmful cell types such as cancer. 

Successful candidates should be highly self-motivated and have backgrounds in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics or other related fields. A track record of publications is a strong plus. The Yale Stem Cell Center provides a stimulating and collaborative training environment, as well as cutting edge facilities. Interested applicants should send CV and contact information of three referees to:

Shangqin Guo
Yale Stem Cell Center, Rm 131H
10 Amistad Street
New Haven, CT 06519