Stem Cell Research Forum

The Stem Cell Research Forum meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 9:30 noon in Amistad 112.  Food and beverages are provided and the atmosphere is intended to be informal. 

The format is for two speakers to present for about 30 minutes each.  Presentations may be either “Research in progress” talks or journal article presentations, but they should focus on some aspect of stem cell biology.  The topics include a mixture of basic science and translational presentations. The labs scheduled to present in 2017 are as follows:

Schedule for 2017
DatePresentation 1Presentation 2
January 4Muhammad Riaz (Qyang Lab)None
February 1Haifan Lin LabNone
March 1Jean-Ju ChungNone
April 5Yang Xiao (R. Fan Lab)Anna Baccei (S. Guo Lab)
May 3Henry Shun (A. Giraldez Lab)Naftali Kaminski
June 7In-hyun Park LabKaren Lankford (J.Kocsis Lab)
July 5Andrew Xiao LabJun Lu Lab
August 2Montrell Seay (E.Redmond Lab)Bo Chen Lab
September 6Jiangbing Zhou LabYingqun Huang
October 4Abha Gupta LabCristiana Pineda (V. Greco Lab)
November 1Maria Fernanda Forni (V. Horsley lab)Renee Wasko (V. Horsley Lab)
December 6Karen Hirschi LabJoão P. Pereira Lab

Please feel free to make suggestions about this meeting.

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