Lo Graduate Fellowship for Excellence in Stem Cell Research

The Fellowship:

Yale Stem Cell Center is pleased to announce the 2013 recipients of the “The Lo Graduate Fellowship for Excellence in Stem Cell Research” (abbreviated as “The Lo Fellowship”) for outstanding senior graduate students pursuing stem cell research at Yale University. This one-year fellowship is made possible by a generous gift of endowment from the KS & Feili Lo Foundation. It is Yale Stem Cell Center’s most prestigious graduate award, and is designed to recognize and support graduate students with demonstrated passion and achievement in stem cell research. 

Funds for 2013 have been awarded to two graduate students:

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Ryan Berry

He is working in the laboratory of Dr. Matthew Rodeheffer in the Section of Comparative Medicine investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating hyperplastic white adipose tissue (aka “fat”) growth that leads to obesity.

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Hsueh-Yen Ku

She is working in the laboratory of Dr. Haifan Lin in the Department of Cell Biology and the Yale Stem Cell Center investigating the molecular mechanism of Tudor-SN, a Piwi interacting protein, regulates Piwi expression.

These students will each be given awards in the amount of $19,845 to partially defray their stipends, with funding beginning on September 1, 2013. 

Awards for 2012 were given to two graduate students: 
  • Xiaowei Chen She is working in the laboratory of Dr. Frank Slack in the Department of Computational Biology and Informatics, investigating LIN28 interacting mRNAs and miRNAs to advance the understanding of the basic aspects of stem cells and improve the method to promote pluripotent stem cells in somatic cells. 
  • Elizabeth Deschene She is working in the laboratory of Dr. Valentina Greco in the Department of Genetics, investigating the signaling and cellular mechanisms that govern stem cell activation during tissue regeneration by combining mouse genetic models with a novel 2-photo, in vivo imaging approach.

The next round of awards will be distributed in July, 2014. To read about the application process please click here.