Lo Graduate Fellowship Application Information

The Fellowship:

Yale Stem Cell Center is pleased to announce that we are requesting applications for the third year of “The Lo Graduate Fellowship for Excellence in Stem Cell Research” (abbreviated as “The Lo Fellowship”) for outstanding senior graduate students pursuing stem cell research at Yale University. This one-year fellowship is made possible by a generous gift of endowment from the KS & Feili Lo Foundation. It is Yale Stem Cell Center’s most prestigious graduate award, and is designed to recognize and support graduate students who have demonstrated passion and achievement in stem cell research. Two awards will be given each year to partially defray the recipient’s stipend, with funding beginning on September 1, 2014. In the future, the amount of each award will increase as the endowment grows.


The applicant should be a Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. candidate who has successfully passed the Ph.D. qualifying exam and be in his/her 4th or 5th year of graduate study as of September 1, 2014. The applicant’s thesis research should be in the stem cell field in the laboratory of a Yale Stem Cell Center faculty member. Selection will be limited to one student per lab.


Application deadline is May 31, 2014.

Application Package:

Applications should contain the following four components:

  1. NIH Biosketch of the applicant.
  2. Information on the applicant that includes:
    1. The date the student started at Yale.
    2. The name, title, and department of the student’s advisor.
    3. The field of study that the degree will be in.
  1. A brief description of the applicant’s thesis project, summarizing past accomplishments and future research plan (two-page maximum).
  2. Three letters of reference: one from the applicant’s thesis mentor, and two letters from other faculty who know the candidate’s research and can fairly evaluate the candidate. One or both of these individuals should be members of the candidate’s thesis committee.

The applicant should send the NIH biosketch and project description as a single PDF file to Paula Wilson, Yale Stem Cell Center, 10 Amistad Street, Room 237F.  The three reference letters should be sent directly from the faculty members to Paula Wilson.

For questions please contact Paula Wilson at paula.wilson@yale.edu.