The Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) core of the Yale Stem Cell Center is a satellite of the Yale University Medical School Cell Sorter Facility, which is run by Dr. Mark Shlomchik.

The FACS Core is located in a dedicated room on the fourth floor of the Amistad building, where it is readily accessible to members of the YSCC. 

The FACSAria is equipped with four lasers (UV, 407, 488, and 633 nm). The four lasers are coupled to 2, 2, 4, and 2 photomultiplier tube (PMT) detectors, respectively, yielding potentially 10-color cell sorting. The lasers were chosen to provide maximum flexibility, the capability of realistic multiparameter detection, and to match our existing systems to provide users with a consistent platform. 

  • The 407 nm laser can be used with Alexa405 and AmCyan. 
  • The 488 nm laser is absolutely required for detection of FITC, Alexa488, GFP and YFP.
  • The 633 nm laser, like the 488 nm laser, is absolutely required to detect APC, Alexa647, as well as APC tandem conjugates such as APC-Cy7. 
  • A UV laser was also purchased, since YSCC users will require this capability for selection of “side population” cells that require UV activation of Hoechst fluorescence with readouts in two different wavelengths (blue vs red). 

A full-time FACS technician, trained and supervised by Dr. Mark Shlomchik, is in charge of the FACS equipment. This Core is also equipped with a BD LSR II FACS analyzer that can analyze cells stained with 11 different fluors.

Scientific Director: Mark Shlomchik MD, PhD 

Technician: Geoff Lyon, Biotechnology Associate II

For detailed information on flow cytometry, flow cytometric techniques, and how to sign up to use the flow cytometry facilities, see the Yale Medical School Cell Sorter Facility website.