Yale Stem Cell Interest Group

The Yale Stem Cell Interest Group (YSCIG) is a student-faculty organization at the University that focuses on the burgeoning applications of stem cells to biology and medicine. Headed by medical and graduate students, and mentored by Yale faculty stem cell researchers Scott Swenson MD PhD and Diane Krause MD PhD, this organization brings together an interdisciplinary community of engaged faculty and students. YSCIG invites prominent speakers from the campus and other universities regularly to discuss the biological, medical, social, ethical, policy and biotech implications of stem cells derived from embryos, as well as fetal and adult tissues. Members also participate in a journal club that discusses recent scientific advances, as well as bioethics and policy reviews on stem cells. Small-group conferences allow students and faculty to interact and dissect patient cases that involve stem cell treatments in a variety of therapeutic and ethical contexts. Finally, members stay informed on local, national and international stem cell policy and research. Students and faculty from any Yale school are invited to join. Prior knowledge of stem cells is not needed.

Contact: Scott Swenson