Recent Articles of Interest

Karen D. Ersche,  P. Simon Jones, Guy B. Williams, Abigail J Turton, Trevor W. Robbins, Edward T. Bullmore. Abnormal Brain Structure Implicated in Stimulant Drug Addiction SCIENCE VOL 335, 3 FEBRUARY 2012. 

Ryan S, Martel S, Pantalon MV, Marino S,  Tetrault  JM, Thung SF, Bernstein SL, Auinger P, Green ML, Fiellin DA, O’Connor PG and D’Onofrio G. Screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) for alcohol and other drug use among adolescents: Evaluation of a pediatric residency curriculum.

Tetrault JM, Green ML, Martino S, Thung SF, Ryan SA, Martel S, Pantalon MV, Bernstein SL, O'Connor PG, Fiellin DA, D'Onofrio G. Developing and Implementing a Multi-specialty Graduate Medical Education Curriculum on Screening, Breif Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Substance Abuse 2012

Connecticut Battles Opiate Addiction with Science    

Author: Brian Sullivan

New Haven, Conn. - A new clinical study is one way Connecticut is getting to the bottom of a serious problem that crosses all economic, social and racial boundaries - opiate addiction. Prescription drugs, percocet and lortab issued for acute pain such as an injury and chronic pain associated with a debilitating disease are more and more developing into addictions for the patients they are given to. What’s worse - after the well of painkillers runs out for the addicted, a common alternative is the cheaper and more accessible. One doctor we talked to at Yale University has dedicated much time and effort in finding a solution to the epidemic.