The magazine in your hands or on your computer screen or tablet is the first that reflects a new design and vision for Yale Medicine. As we announced in our Spring issue, in addition to a redesign of the magazine, we focus our feature stories on a single topic in medicine, science, or medical education. The theme for this inaugural issue is biomedical imaging, in which we explore the ways in which biologists have endeavored to peer ever more closely at the molecular underpinnings of life. You can also download an iPad version at We hope you enjoy this issue and those to come.

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We would like to offer our thanks to these faculty and alumni who have served on the Yale Medicine Advisory Board for their counsel and insights over the past few years. We have benefited greatly from their participation in the planning of the magazine:

Sharon L. Bonney, M.D. ’76; Irwin M. Braverman, M.D.’55, HS ’56; Sharon A. Chekijian, M.D. ’01; John A. Elefteriades, M.D.’76, HS ’81, FW ’83; Rupali Gandhi, J.D. ’00, M.D.’04; Owen D. Garrick, M.D.’96; Robert H. Gifford, M.D., HS ’67; Elliott Levy, M.D. ’87; Raymond J. Lynch, M.D. ’05; Kavita Mariwalla, M.D. ’04; Bruce L. McClennan, M.D.; Gregory S. Raskin, M.D. ’98; Asghar Rastegar, M.D.; Lisa Sanders, M.D. ’97, HS ’00; Vinita Takiar, M.D. ’10, Ph.D. ’10; Karl G. Wagner Jr., PA-C ’90; and Warren D. Widmann, M.D. ’61, HS ’67. And we offer a special thanks to Michael Kashgarian, M.D. ’58, HS ’61, FW ’65, for his service as editor-in-chief of Yale Medicine, which began in 1986.