As the alumni reunion in June approached last year, our colleagues in the development and alumni offices noted that graduates of the School of Medicine had excelled not only in medicine but in other pursuits. Many are outstanding clinicians and scientists, and many have gone on to serve as deans of medical schools. But they have also become venture capitalists, politicians, writers, soldiers, and entrepreneurs. To kick off what will become an occasional series in Yale Medicine, we include in this issue an article about medical school alumni who have sought to improve health not one patient at a time, but on a grand scale by pursuing changes in government policy. Over the years alumni have been involved in the creation of Medicare, launched anti-smoking campaigns, or worked as aides to politicians including Hillary Rodham Clinton and the late Edward M. Kennedy. In future issues we will explore other unusual career paths taken by med school graduates.

This series is also a response to what many of you asked for in our recent reader survey—more news of alumni. We hope this series will help you keep in touch with classmates or perhaps rekindle old friendships. In any case, we hope you enjoy hearing about what other med school alumni are doing.