A tortured soul finds redemption in words

A tortured soul finds redemption in words

An 1863 graduate of the School of Medicine made his mark as a contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary while incarcerated with schizophrenia.

Some alumni of the School of Medicine make groundbreaking medical discoveries. Some become leaders of medical institutions. William C. Minor, M.D. 1863, also left his mark: he developed schizophrenia, killed a man and became a brilliant linguistic scholar while in an asylum for the insane.Minor graduated from Yale’s medical school, which at that time entailed two years’ study, as a qualified surgeon. After caring for wounded soldiers in the Civil War, Minor began to suffer from what would much later be defined as paranoid schizophrenia. In 1868 Minor was admitted to a government hospital for the insane in Washington, D.C., and released from the Army in 1870. During a stay in London that was intended to rest...


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