The Office of Student Affairs has provided the following list, which outlines the results of the National Resident Matching Program for Yale’s medical graduates. Some names appear twice because the graduate is entering a one-year program before beginning a specialty residency. The transitional designation is a one-year program with three-month rotations in different specialties.


Harbor–UCLA Medical Center, Torrance

Leo Kim, medicine-preliminary

Stanford University Programs

Jeffrey Chi, internal medicine
Douglas Jacobson, medicine-preliminary
Inna Landres, obstetrics and gynecology
Christoph Lee, diagnostic radiology
Nir Modiano, internal medicine

UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles

Edidiong Ikpe, emergency medicine/internal medicine

University of California, San Francisco

Neelendu Dey, internal medicine
Jessica Yager, internal medicine

University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Leo Kim, ophthalmology


HealthONE Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, Denver

Mariah Ruth, transitional

University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver

Heidi Cook, obstetrics and gynecology
Mariah Ruth, dermatology


Hospital of Saint Raphael’s, New Haven

Annika Dronge, transitional
David Ornan, transitional

Middlesex Hospital Program, Middletown

Kohar Jones, family practice

Yale-New Haven Hospital

David Aversa, psychiatry
Anamika Chaudhuri, internal medicine
Stephanie Colegio-Eisenbarth, laboratory medicine
Gina Constantine, internal medicine/primary
Vicente Diaz, ophthalmology
Annika Dronge, ophthalmology
Thomas Fernandez, psychiatry-adult/child
John Forrest, internal medicine
Adam Gafni-Kane, obstetrics and gynecology
Barton Kenney, pathology-anatomic and clinical
Brett King, dermatology
Eleanor Knopp, dermatology
Christopher Kwong, internal medicine/primary
Catherine Loerke, surgery-preliminary
Javier Lopez, obstetrics and gynecology
Coeurlida Louis, internal medicine/primary
Ernest Mandel, internal medicine
Deanne Nakamoto, medicine-primary-preliminary, ophthalmology
Sarah Nikiforow, internal medicine
Damani Piggott, medicine/pediatrics
David Ross, psychiatry
Isaac Sasson, obstetrics and gynecology
Grace Smith, medicine-preliminary
Curtis Weiss, internal medicine
Carlos Wesley, emergency medicine


Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami

Matthew Whitley, otolaryngology


Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta

Michele Flagge, emergency medicine
Andre Matthews, emergency medicine


University of Hawaii Program, Honolulu

Christoph Lee, transitional


Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis

Nicholas Countryman, dermatology


University of Iowa (Des Moines) Program

Andrew Chen, medicine-preliminary


Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

Yuri Agrawal, surgery-preliminary, otolaryngology
Amy Duffield, pathology
Naudia Lauder, internal medicine
Martine Solages, pediatrics


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston

Jillian Catalanotti, internal medicine
Dagan Coppock, internal medicine
Eric Golding, internal medicine
Joshua Klein, medicine-preliminary

Boston University Medical Center

Katherine Gergen Barnett, family practice

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston

Cristina Baseggio, internal medicine/primary
Michael Herce, internal medicine
Eleanor Knopp, medicine-preliminary
Janelle Luk, obstetrics and gynecology

Harvard Combined Program, Boston

Susan Rushing, pediatric neurology

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

Suzanne Baron, internal medicine
Brett King, medicine-preliminary
Mandy Krauthamer, internal medicine/primary
Erin Mahony, pediatrics
Brian Nahed, surgery-preliminary, neurosurgery

Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston

Joshua Klein, neurology

Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Combined)

Ariel Frey, medicine/pediatrics


University of Michigan Hospitals, Ann Arbor

Raymond Lynch, general surgery


Keesler Medical Center Program, Keesler AFB

Kwabena Blankson, pediatrics


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon

Daniel Gibson, surgery-preliminary, neurosurgery


Albert Einstein College/Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx

Margo Simon, family practice

Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Daniel Khaimov, transitional

Hospital for Special Surgery/Cornell Medical Center

Bradley Raphael, orthopaedic surgery

Mount Sinai Hospital

Jocelyn Soffer, psychiatry

New York-Presbyterian Hospital–Columbia

Rohit Chandwani, general surgery
Daniel Khaimov, anesthesiology
Aimee Lee, internal medicine

New York-Presbyterian Hospital–Cornell

Jennifer Davids, general surgery
Matthew Davids, internal medicine
Elena Gimenez-Hubbard, surgery-preliminary, urology
Edison Machado, internal medicine/primary

New York University School of Medicine

Helena Hansen, psychiatry
David Ornan, diagnostic radiology

NYU Downtown Hospital

Vicente Diaz, medicine-preliminary

Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester, New Rochelle

Neil Lester, medicine-preliminary

Staten Island University Hospital

Neil Lester, diagnostic radiology

University of Rochester/Strong Memorial Hospital

Lorky Libaridian, medicine/pediatrics


Duke University Medical Center, Durham

Hardean Achneck, general surgery
Richard Chung, medicine/pediatrics
Sean Lee, general surgery

University of North Carolina Hospitals Program, Chapel Hill

Jesse James, internal medicine
Trevor Phillips, emergency medicine


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Frances Balamuth, pediatrics
Christina Lynch, pediatrics-preliminary, pediatric neurology

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Niya Jones, internal medicine
June Spector, internal medicine/primary

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Michael Shapiro, plastic surgery


University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals, Seattle

Chloe Atreya, internal medicine
Andrew Chen, ophthalmology
Jing Feng, dermatology
Sharon Gill, internal medicine/primary
Lianne Hirano, internal medicine
Douglas Jacobson, ophthalmology


Medical College of Wisconsin Program, Milwaukee

Matthew Streckert, emergency medicine

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, Milwaukee

Jing Feng, transitional

Three students are pursuing career opportunities other than residency. Julie Cantor will be an associate at Munger, Tolles & Olson, a law firm in Los Angeles. Eric Poolman has a public health postdoctoral fellowship at the School of Medicine. Louis Moreno has a position as research manager at Gerson Lehrman Group, a firm in Manhattan that specializes in customized research for business.