Dr. Robert Udelsman’s concerns about departmental fiscal efficiencies reminded me of a study that indicated hospital business offices had the most timely and comprehensive details about a patient’s hospital stay. Every chargeable service and material used (or at times anticipated) was immediately transmitted to the hospital business office. Business office records, with professional input, are excellent resources for up-to-the-minute patient information. Dr. Udelsman may be assured that the hospital business office is right there in the OR with him.
A.Z. Hamburg, M.P.H. ’54

I’ve been reading Yale Medicine for a good many years, but never once do I recall this publication ever telling us that Yale’s Department of Surgery was “in the doldrums.”

Quite the contrary. The articles always gave us the impression of a state-of-the-art department filled with talented, dedicated people. Who was chair of the surgical department when Yale was “in the doldrums?” I’m sure he’d have a few words on that.

John Barchilon, M.D. ’65
Sherman Oaks, Calif.