The article in the Winter 2010 issue [“Doctors for America”] floored me with its naïve egalitarian comments, especially from young physicians. The commentators bemoaned inequality in health care access and that health care is not a right, and argued for the need for comprehensive services—including that sticky marshmallow, mental health.

Theoretically there may be equality of opportunity, even fairness under law, but emphatically people are not clones. We are not all tall, blond, and blue-eyed; I certainly am not (just informed, realistic, and elegant, which is enough).

We are not guaranteed certified Grade A parents. So far the government does not send a nice cake and a sunny day on your birthday. There never will be enough Château Palmer for everyone.

People are much different in abilities and fortunes. There may be a right to pursue happiness, but there is no guarantee thereof. The good die young and I am retired.

Eugene Patrick Cassidy, M.D. ’66
Marshalltown, Iowa