On behalf of the students who spent many hours stuffing envelopes and debating the current state of the Yale System, I'd like to personally thank all of the alumni who so eloquently described the significance of the System in their testimonials. Your support and passion give me hope that the Yale System will persist for many years to come. Reading your responses reminds me of exactly why I came to Yale Medical School. Additionally, I'd like to applaud the entire staff of Yale Medicine for tackling and publishing such a highly debated issue.

After sitting through many meetings and informal discussions regarding the issues that have been raised in our mailing and in the recent article in Yale Medicine [“Everyone Loves the Yale System. …,” Autumn 2002], it is clear that many questions are yet to be answered about the future of the System. Therefore I highly encourage all alumni and friends of the Yale System to continue to be involved and interested in the shaping of the Yale System throughout the 21st century. Your support will be invaluable in ensuring the existence of the System for generations to come (especially for my grandchildren, who will undoubtedly want to attend Yale Medical School!).

Nick Countryman, Class of 2004
New Haven