An education in taste

A conversation with Linda Bartoshuk, an expert on the physiology of taste, and Jacques Pépin, celebrity chef and cookbook author, explores the many facets of taste.

Start with one legendary French chef. Combine with Yale scientist and expert in the physiology of taste. Mix with fine food for two hours and record. Yields one conversation rich in flavor and detail.


A running conversation about children

What results when pediatricians and child psychiatrists carry on a 40-year dialogue about the care of their young patients? A deeper understanding of the psychosocial influences affecting child health, say the members of this unique collaboration.


Patients, doctors and the bottom line

Market forces and a changing world of medicine have prompted Yale’s 650-member physician organization to take a closer look at the way it does business. A greater emphasis on patient service, detailed practice standards and better ways of tracking data are emblematic of a changing culture within the school’s clinical enterprise.


‘We have a remarkable community here’

Susan Hockfield, an accomplished neurobiologist and new dean of the Graduate School, talks about the future of research, teaching and Yale’s community of scholars.


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