Wanted: Books for General Reading

“A small bookplate indicating ownership of the Yale Medical Library and bearing the tag from Marital’s [sic] Epigrams, ‘Those books they praise, but these they read’ is used in a collection of books that have nothing to do with medicine—not only volumes classified as ‘light reading’ but also books in other fields of endeavor which represent good general reading. This collection was started when a member of the Library Committee suggested the possibility of having a non-medical section in the Library. It was indicated that such volumes were to be added by gift only.

“Dr. Samuel C. Harvey made the initial donation of some thirty-odd volumes, and donations have been added subsequently. These books have circulated many times throughout the year. They are not catalogued in any way and are located in the Historical Library near the main door.

“The Library would be most grateful to receive from members of the Alumni Association and other interested persons any good books published since World War II to add to this collection.”