A vision for vision

With new emphasis on retinal disease, research and the community, Yale’s ophthalmology department finds its focus.

Two years into his tenure as chair, Bruce Shields is building a new program around disorders of the retina and tackling the financial challenges presented by managed care. Against this backdrop: spectacular work in basic visual science, a new laser center and other advances in treatment.


A path for prevention

When 20,000 of the world's top AIDS researchers gathered in Geneva in late June, one clear message emerged: Prevention is still better than any cure. That belief is the foundation for the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS, launched last fall with the participation of six Yale schools and $10.8 million in federal funding.


Found in translation

A cell is a cell is a cell, researchers say, as Drosophila, yeast and other model organisms yield clues to human illness—and increasingly suggest paths to improved treatments. Translational research at Yale has been enriched by unusually good crosstalk between basic scientists and clinicians.


Interview: Dennis Spencer

The leader of Yale’s newly created Department of Neurosurgery is as comfortable astride a Harley-Davidson as in the operating room charting new territory in the treatment of epilepsy.


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