Fred Aslan, M.D. ’01, M.B.A. Vice president of Venrock, a venture capital firm

James N. Campbell, M.D. ’73 President and CEO of Arcion Therapeutics, executive in residence at InterWest Partners, and professor of neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University

Samuel F. Colin, M.D. ’92 Portfolio manager at First Manhattan Co.

Guy L. Fish, M.D. ’85, M.B.A. ’94 Vice president at Fletcher Spaght, which comprises Fletcher Spaght Inc. Consulting and Fletcher Spaght Ventures

Owen Garrick, M.D. ’98, M.B.A. COO of Bridge Clinical, a company that manages clinical trials of treatments for diseases of underserved populations

Myles D. Greenberg, M.D. ’93 Partner at CHL Medical Partners, where he is active in the biotechnology, medical device, and health care services sectors 

Shih-Yin Ho, M.D. ’96, M.B.A. Founder (with Owen Garrick, M.D. ’98, M.B.A.) of Context Matters LLC, a health care information and risk metrics company

Stephen C. Knight, M.D. ’90, M.B.A. ’90 President and managing partner of Fidelity Biosciences, the health care venture capital arm of Fidelity Investments

Gregory P. Licholai, M.D. ’95, M.B.A. COO of Proteostasis Therapeutics, a biotechnology company

Diane Louie, M.D. ’87, M.P.H. Regulatory liaison to the FDA for Sanofi-Aventis

Ted W. Love, M.D. ’85 Executive vice president for research and development at Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Richard M. Low, M.D. ’76 CEO of Infor-Med Corp. of Buenos Aires and Woodland Hills, Calif.

Howard S. Jaffe, M.D. ’82 President of the Gilead Foundation and a member of Gilead’s senior management team

Sara Nayeem, M.D. ’06, M.B.A. ’06 Principal in New Enterprise Associates, a venture capital firm, where she focuses on investments in biopharmaceutical companies

Gregory S. Raskin, M.D. ’98 Vice president and research analyst at AllianceBernstein in New York City

Philip R. Reilly, M.D. ’81, J.D. CMO of Genetix Pharmaceuticals, venture partner at the biotech venture firm Third Rock Ventures, and a member of the board of Edimer Pharmaceuticals

Gualberto Ruaño, Ph.D. ’92, M.D. ’97 President and CEO of Genomas, a biomedical company based in Hartford, Conn.

Martin B. Silverstein, M.D. ’80 Senior partner and managing director at Boston Consulting Group, where he leads the company’s health care practice globally. 

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