Our thanks go to all of you who participated in our readership survey, not only for taking the time to reply, but also for the enthusiastic support you have shown for Yale Medicine. Most of you like what we’re doing, but you also gave us ideas about how to do better. More than two-thirds of you ranked Yale Medicine “above average” or “among the best” alumni magazines you read, and almost 60 percent of you feel more engaged with the School of Medicine after reading Yale Medicine. You liked our mix of articles, but about half of you asked for more in-depth articles about medicine and science, and many of you asked for more news of alumni and faculty.

We will be thinking about your ideas, suggestions, and responses as we begin our redesign of Yale Medicine. The survey was the necessary first step prior to redesigning—we wanted to know what you, our readers, think about the magazine. For more on the survey, visit yalemedicine.yale.edu/readersurvey.

You will have noticed by now that the issue you hold in your hands is thinner than usual. The current economy has forced us to cut back, so this issue has just 32 pages, not the usual 48. To continue providing you with news of the School of Medicine, we’ve moved some of our content to the Web. Throughout the magazine you’ll see references and links to online-only content.

We hope that you continue to enjoy Yale Medicine and that it continues to keep you in touch with friends, classmates, teachers, mentors, and others who made your time at the school so meaningful.