“The Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics have combined forces to organize a Division of Genetics embracing all ages from the fetus to old age. This section … includes pediatricians and internists whose interests comprise the detection of abnormal chromosomal patterns, screening for inherited defects, and the biochemical and physiological investigation of the nature of these defects.

“A number of important research projects are now under way, including evaluation of the chromosome pattern of all babies born in the Yale-New Haven Hospital during the past year; investigation of the nature of the transport defects in renal glycosuria and in the amino acid ureas; a study in the isolated cells of tissue culture from patients of the nature of the biochemical defect in diseases involving the intermediary metabolism of amino acids and purines.

“Both in its spread of interest and in the range of age of the patients it serves, this group is virtually unique in American academic medical institutions.”