A leather-bound diary, a young Harvey Cushing

A leather-bound diary, a young Harvey Cushing

Legendary neurosurgeon’s travel journal reveals a focused mind and an eye for detail.

During his weeklong trip to the World’s 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Harvey W. Cushing, M.D., took in a football game, had a ringside view of the “slaughtering of cattle and hogs” and was particularly intrigued by an exhibit of contemporary Egypt. He also saw the Buffalo Bill show and spent $2 on a hotel room.Cushing’s detailed observations of his trip, made with his older brother Edward, are in a journal that is now in the collection of the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. It was part of a recent acquisition that also included a journal of a trip to Bermuda and account books listing patients and fees paid to his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, physicians all.At the time of his Chicago...


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