In the Spring 2001 issue, the article “A Dramatic Turn” provided a thought-provoking look at the physician-patient relationship. We want to call your attention to another Yale-based initiative that examines the clinician-patient relationship.

The Program for the Study of Health Care Relationships, funded by the Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation, is a collaborative project between Yale University and the University of Connecticut. The program’s mission is to bring issues surrounding the relational aspects of care to the forefront of the ongoing discourse about health care in Connecticut and the nation. It seeks to enable patients, health-care professionals, providers, health policymakers and other interested individuals to engage in successful partnerships, with the shared goal of improving patient outcomes, especially in the context of adherence to therapeutic regimes.

A multidisciplinary team has been working for a year to study the relational aspects of care and their effects on adherence. The interdisciplinary program provides a forum for a range of issues, including health education; the role of the Internet and technology; the influence of organizations, insurance and policy; and the relationships among professions, as well as with patients. The group consists of physicians, nurses, social workers, consumers, academics and others, and has a website:

Sally Cohen, R.N., Ph.D., Director,
Program for the Study of Health Care Relationships; Associate
Professor, Yale School of Nursing