Bernard G Forget MD

Professor Emeritus of Medicine (Hematology) and Professor of Genetics and of Medicine (Hematology)

Departments & Organizations

Stem Cell Center, Yale: Transcriptional Regulation of Stem and Progenitor Cells; Stem Cell Niche and HomingHematology ProgramInternal Medicine: Hematology | Genetics

Research Interests

Molecular Genetics of Erythroid Cell Differentiation; Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology

Clinical Interests

Red blood cell disorders; hemoglobinopathies; red cell membrane disorders; hemolytic anemias; sickle cell anemia; thalassemia


  • M.D., McGill University , 1963

Selected Publication

  • Forget, B.G. and Hardison, R.C., The normal structure and regulation of human globin gene clusters. In: Disorders of Hemoglobin. 2nd Ed. Steinberg, M.H., Forget, B.G., Higgs, D.R., Weatherall, D.J. (eds). Cambridge Univ. Press, New York, pp. 46-61, 2009.

Latest Honor and Recognition

  • Elected Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences(2007) , American Academy of Arts and Sciences
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