When Joseph Warshaw, M.D., returned to Yale in 1987 after a five-year stint at the University of Texas, he was already an internationally renowned expert in newborn care and development. While serving as chair of the Department of Pediatrics, he also emerged as a well-respected leader within the School of Medicine. On Aug. 1, he moved north once again to become the 15th dean of the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington.

As chair of the Department of Pediatrics for 13 years, Warshaw built it into one of the nation’s foremost centers for research into childhood disorders. Yale is now the leading recipient of NIH funding among medical school pediatrics departments in the country. The department has added facilities to handle the demands of the growing scientific program, including the Child Health Research Center on Congress Avenue. He also played a key role in the construction of the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.

Over the past five years, he guided clinical academic programs for the medical school as deputy dean for clinical affairs. In that role, he oversaw major changes in the organization of the Yale Faculty Practice, worked on the 1999 affiliation agreement with the Yale New Haven Health System and enhanced several clinical programs.

Warshaw first came to Yale from Harvard in 1973 and went to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas in 1982, where he served as professor and chair of pediatrics until his return to Yale. He has published more than 100 scientific papers and six books on developmental medicine and other child-health topics. He said, “I’ve never in my life more enjoyed working with and for a group of people than the people in pediatrics at Yale.”

To recognize Warshaw’s contribution, the medical school held a symposium in his honor in early December.