Thirteen Yale-affiliated biotechnology companies are located in and around New Haven, and close to a dozen more businesses—the majority are expected to locate in the city—are now in development with assistance from Yale’s Office of Cooperative Research. The existing New Haven-based companies are clustered in several locations in the city center and in nearby Branford.

Publicly traded companies

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Drug development for cardiovascular and autoimmune disorders, inflammation and cancer

CuraGen Corporation

Genomics-based drug discovery and development

Genaissance Pharmaceuticals

Population genomics and personalized medicine

Neurogen Corporation

Drug discovery and development for psychiatric, metabolic and inflammatory disorders

Vion Pharmaceuticals

Anti-cancer drug discovery, development and commercialization

Companies developed by the Office of Cooperative Research

Founder’s names in italics

Achillion Pharmaceuticals

Antiviral therapeutic discovery and development
Yung-Chi Cheng


Agriculture gene discovery
Paul Lizardi

Cellular Genomics Inc.

Proteomics and functional genomics
Ira Mellman

L2 Diagnostics

Lyme disease diagnostics
Erol Fikrig, Joseph Craft and Richard Flavell

Molecular Staging Inc.

Molecular diagnostics based on rolling circle amplification technology
David Ward and Sherman Weissman


Pharmaceutical development of traditional Chinese medicine
Yung-Chi Cheng

polyGenomics (now merged with Molecular Staging Inc.)

Disease-associated genetic mutations
Sherman Weissman and David Ward


Development of novel brain imaging agents
Ronald Baldwin and Robert Innis

Recombinant Technologies

Production and distribution of novel research reagents
Pazhani Sundaram

Companies in development


Anesthesiology Internet commerce Web site
Keith Ruskin and Charlotte Clark


Bioinformatic tools for genomics
Gregory Gardiner

Phoenix Drug Discovery

Disease-associated targets for drug development
Gregory Gardiner


Development of novel antibiotics
John Swartley


Regeneration of CNS neurons
Stephen Strittmatter and Jeffery Kocsis

Rib-X Designs

Development of antibiotics and novel drug targets based on ribosome inhibition
Thomas Steitz and Peter Moore


Molecular sensors for drug discovery
Ronald Breaker


Odorants to modify insect and pest behavior
John Carlson

Epigenix Inc.

Transgenic animals and functional genomics
Frank Ruddle and Adrian Hayday


Informatic tools for protein expression analysis
Michael Snyder and Sherman Weissman


Vaccine cassettes for rapid development of novel vaccines
Ruslan Medzhitov and Richard Flavell