Having also read Connecticut Medicine for many years, I enjoyed the section entitled “50 years ago in Connecticut Medicine.” The thought occurred, “Why not a brief note each issue about ‘50 years ago in Yale Medicine’?”

After reviewing my stacks of Yale Medicine I found Vol. 1, No. 1 (May 1953) of its predecessor, the Alumni Bulletin—but alas! That is only 47 years ago. Nevertheless, some of our gray-haired alumni might enjoy hearing about some of the names and events of our school 47 years ago (as I may not be writing letters in 2003.) So below are items of interest from that first volume.

  • Communications were to be sent to Dr. Herbert Thoms, but as I recall Dr. Arthur Ebbert was the editor.
  • The new dean, Vernon Lippard, was featured, as well as the alumni association. Our own Sam Kushlan is shown in a group photograph. The new dean announced that there would be a new medical dormitory built between the medical school and the new Memorial Unit of the hospital. There was a memorable photo of the Betsy Ross tea room.
  • Former Dean George Blumer gave a greeting to the new Bulletin (with his photo).
  • Markle Foundation awards were announced to Drs. Don Shedd and Bill Anlyan.
  • At the memorial service for Dean Francis Blake (June 15, 1952) the first scholarship in his name was awarded to Gerald Klatskin.

R.W. Breck, M.D. ’45M
Wallingford, Conn.

Dr. Breck’s suggestion coincides with our own recent exploration of the back issues of Yale Medicine and a new department in the magazine,Archives, which appears for the first time in this issue. The School of Medicine Alumni Bulletin, which made its debut in 1953 under the editorship of Arthur Ebbert, M.D., was succeeded by Yale Medicine in the fall of 1966. We will mine both sources for interesting nuggets from the school’s past.