In 2007, medical school alumnus Frank Top, M.D., and his wife, Lois (right), made a $2.5 million gift to the School of Medicine to establish a Yale Scholar endowment, a fund that smoothes the way for a promising young scientist beginning his or her career. Yale Scholars receive four years of research funding; by year five, when a researcher generally has independent grant funding, the award passes on to another top recruit. Exciting new work by Antonio Giraldez, the Lois and Franklin J. Top, Jr. Yale Scholar, is described on this page. “To take talent that’s already been recognized in a postdoctoral program and let that person run with it makes an awful lot of sense,” says Frank, and Lois agrees. “It’s really time-consuming to pursue a research career,” she says, “and you can use all the help you can get.”

A named Yale Scholar position can be endowed with a gift of $2.5 million, which is matched dollar for dollar by Yale University, creating a $5 million endowment. Donors receive Yale Tomorrow campaign and reunion credit for the full amount. For more information, contact Jancy Houck at (203) 436-8560.