Leonard E. Munstermann PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases); Head Curator of Entomology (Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History)

Departments & Organizations

Infectious DiseasesSchool of Public Health: Vector-borne; Parasitology Program

Research Interests

Molecular genetics; Insect vectors; Phlebotomine sand flies; Entomology; Phylogeny; Taxonomy; Speciation


  • Ph.D., University of Notre Dame , 1979

Selected Publication

  • Cohnstaedt, L.W., Gillen, J.I., and Munstermann, L.E. (2008). Light-emitting diode technology improves insect trapping. J. Am. Mosq. Contr. Assoc. 24(2): 331-334.

Latest Honor and Recognition

  • Distinguished Alumnus of the Year, University of Minnesota, Morris(2004)