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Addictions are by definition hard habits to break. Many people find that even if they are able to break one of these habits, after a while, a stressful event, depression, or some other circumstance triggers a relapse.

Stress Can Be a Trigger

In fact, research has shown that not only do substances like tobacco and alcohol change the “wiring” in your brain, but stress can trigger the same circuitry that drugs do and cause you to want to pick up a cigarette, or have a drink. If you have tried to quit or cut down using anything from tobacco to cocaine, but have been unsuccessful, you may benefit from some help along the way.

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You can contact us by phone or email to confidentially discuss what substance or problem you are looking for help with. This will help us match you with the treatment that may benefit you the most. After that, we will schedule a time for you to come in for a more comprehensive evaluation.