Q: How can treatment be free?

A: Our clinic is subsidized by local and federal grants that pay our overhead and staffing costs.

Q: You keep mentioning research. Would I just be a guinea pig?

A: Like any company that improves their products by doing product testing, we also think it is vital to not just offer treatments, but see how well they actually work and how we can improve them. So, during your treatment, we may ask you to answer some questionnaires or do a computer task etc. These are all aimed at evaluating how well our treatment is working, so we can make it better. The few extra minutes you spend doing these, will help you and others in the future. You are still getting treatment.

Q: You mention novel treatments. Which ones are you talking about?

A: We are currently evaluating several new treatments such as mindfulness training, computer-based cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive enhancement medication.

Q: I don’t have a substance abuse problem, but I found your website because you do mindfulness research. Is there a way that I can volunteer to help with this, or learn more?

A: Our mindfulness training for addictions is based on experience from people who practice mindfulness, and research that is done with healthy volunteers. This type of work is critical for our understanding of how mindfulness works in the brain, and for improving our mindfulness-based treatments. We are currently looking for volunteers with experience practicing mindfulness and those that don’t have experience, but are interested in learning more about it to help with this research. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer or would like more information.

Q: I’m interested in mindfulness. Is there a community that practices mindfulness in the New Haven area?

A: A free drop-in sitting group meets weekly on Monday and Thursday nights at 8pm in Dwight Chapel (see Insight Meditation Community of New Haven for more details and directions). Open to Yale students, faculty and New Haven community, the general format consists of a 30 minute sitting meditation followed by a 30 minute discussion/informal lecture on the practice of mindfulness meditation (vipassana). Meditation instruction will be provided for beginners. If you have a meditation cushion/bench, please bring your own, as a limited number are available for use.

For more information contact Judson Brewer. You can request to join the google group to receive email alerts regarding schedule changes, special events etc.

For other opportunities through the insight, zen and shambhala centers, please visit: