Michael Rowe PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Co-Director, Program for Recovery and Community Health; Principal Investigator, CMHC Citizenship Project

Biographical Info

My research interests and training have been influenced by my work running social service organizations and of being a writer prior to becoming a medical sociologist. While en route to a Ph.D. with a focus of ethnography and “qualitative” interviewing, my combined experience running agencies, writing, and engaging in research helped me land a job as Director of the Connecticut Mental Health Center’s mental health outreach team through its participation in a national research demonstration project to evaluate services for people with mental illnesses who are homeless. Through this project I studied the encounters of people who are homeless and outreach workers as social and identity encounters that take place at the social, physical, and economic margins of society. Having recognized, along with its strengths, the limitations of outreach work—that helping people find housing does not, in itself, lead to their community integration or full community membership, I developed a theoretical framework of citizenship. I then applied this framework to several research projects, most recently development of an individual outcome measure of citizenship. In addition, personal experience of a family member’s illness led me to write about, and conduct research on, patient-doctor relationships, high technology medicine, and medical error.

International Activity

  • Mental health research
    France; Canada(2003 - 2013)
    Research and consultation on citizenship and recovery-oriented care including peers (persons with lived experience of behavioral health disorders) as staff and researchers.

Education & Training

Yale University (1996)

Honors & Recognition

  • 2012 First Place, Clinical Innovations in Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry: “The Citizenship Intervention”2012 First Place, Clinical Innovations in Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry: “The Citizenship Intervention”
    YSM, Department of Psychiatry (2012)

Professional Service

  • Various roles--consultant, expert, committee member, board member, instructor, Various orgainzations, see above (01/01/1994 - 10/02/2013)

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