Internship Handbook

This Virtual Handbook contains the policies and procedures of the Yale Doctoral Internship in Clinical and Community Psychology. The policies and procedures can be downloaded by clicking on the links. The date of last revision is listed on the top of the first page of each document.

Table of Contents

Program Model
Program Goals & ObjectivesDownload
Program PhilosophyDownload
Internship Hours & AllocationDownload
Anti-Discrimination & Affirmative Action PolicyDownload
Academic Preparation PolicyDownload
Fellow Selection PolicyDownload
Compensation and Benefits
Stipends, Benefits and Tax PolicyDownload
Leave Policies
Personal Leave and Sick Time PolicyDownload
Family & Medical Leave PolicyDownload
Supervision PolicyDownload
Supervision & Time Log – MasterDownload
Supervision & Time Log – SampleDownload
Scholarly Projects
Scholarly Project PolicyDownload
Scholarly Project FormDownload
Psychology Fellow Self-AssessmentDownload
Evaluation of Fellows PolicyDownload
Evaluation of Fellows FormDownload
Graduate Program Communication PolicyDownload
Probation & Termination PolicyDownload
APA Ethical Principles & Code of ConductDownload
Grievance & Due Process
Grievance & Due Process PolicyDownload
Safety and Personal Care
Personal Safety TipsDownload
Emergency Management at YaleDownload
Knowing When to Ask for HelpDownload
Voluntary Faculty ResourceDownload
Psychotherapy for Department TraineesDownload
Sexual Misconduct & Relations
Sexual Misconduct PolicyDownload
Teacher-Student Consensual Relations PolicyDownload
Dual Relationships Policy
Administrative Assistance PolicyDownload
Mandatory Training PolicyDownload
Classes V2 InstructionsDownload
Fellow Advisory Committee OverviewDownload