Dr. David Berg teaching in the Core Seminar about organizational dynamics in complex systems of healthcare.
Dr. David Berg teaching in the Core Seminar about organizational dynamics in complex systems of healthcare.

Core Seminar

The Core Seminar is the cornerstone of the formal curriculum within the Doctoral Internship in Clinical & Community Psychology. It serves as the central locus within the program for classroom based learning and fosters a sense of community among fellows as they all gather for the seminar each week for 2½ hours on Tuesday afternoons. The most effective educators and those most highly rated by previous students are invited to teach within this seminar. Fellows evaluate the seminar sessions weekly and the sessions are strengthened from year to year as part of a continuous quality improvement initiative.

Approximately half of this seminar focuses on clinical topics related to assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and intervention. These seminar sessions cover the following:

  • Understanding ourselves and others
  • Clinical interviewing
  • Risk management & legal issues
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Primary care integration & behavioral medicine
  • Clinical neuroscience
  • Substance related disorders
  • Severe mental illness
  • Personality disorders
  • Anxiety, stress, PTSD, & mood disorders
  • Life span & developmental issues

The remainder of the seminar is organized into modules that cover a broad range of topics relevant to doctoral psychology fellows. These include:

  • Diversity
  • Interdisciplinary systems-based practice
  • Scholarly inquiry
  • Consultation
  • Program evaluation
  • Professional development

The Professional Development portion of the curriculum covers:

  • Ethics
  • Best practices in supervision
  • Leadership roles for psychologists
  • Career development
  • Self-care

Placement Based Seminars

The Core Seminar is complemented by seminars offered within the placements, focusing on the competencies essential for work with the specific populations and treatment approaches that are central to the placement. A description of these seminars can be found within the placement descriptions.

Departmental Grand Rounds & Electives

The Yale Department of Psychiatry hosts a weekly Grand Rounds, which is offered on Friday mornings. Fellows do not routinely attend this event, but may attend selected Grand Rounds presentations that are of special interest to them.

Fellows are also eligible to take one of the Electives offered by the Department of Psychiatry. Most fellows choose to focus on activities within their formal internship placement. However, each year a few fellows may decide to participate in an Elective. Participation in an Elective requires prior approval by the internship Primary Advisor.