Thomas J McMahon, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and The Child Study Center; Program Director, West Haven Mental Health Clinic and Young Adult Service at the Connecticut Mental Health Center; Director of Clinical Research, Connecticut Mental Health Center

Research Interests

Child Abuse; Father-Child Relations; Fathers; Parent-Child Relations; Parents; Domestic Violence; Substance-Related Disorders; Reproductive Behavior

Public Health Interests

Child Development, Policies, Programs; Child Mental Health

Research Organizations

Psychiatry: Addictions, Division of | Connecticut Mental Health Center | Psychology Section | Substance Abuse Research

Faculty Research

Research Summary

As a clinical child and school psychologist, Dr. McMahon is broadly interested in ways the principles of developmental psychopathology can be used to explore the impact of substance abuse on family process and the psychosocial development of children. He is particularly interested in (a) the impact of substance abuse on fathering, (b) parenting as a treatment issue for substance-abusing men and women, and (c) the development of parent intervention for men and women enrolled in substance abuse treatment.

Selected Publications

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