Seth R Axelrod PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Dialectical Behavior Therapy Team Leader at the Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital Intensive Outpatient Program

Departments & Organizations

Psychiatry: Psychology Section

Research Interests

Borderline personality disorder and comorbid conditions (e.g., substance use disorders, PTSD); Adaptations of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT); Mindfulness; Emotion regulation; DBT Formulation; Burnout more...


  • B.S., Cornell University, 1992
  • M.A., University of Kentucky, 1995
  • Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 1999

Selected Publications

  • Axelrod, S. R., & Lee, J. (2013). Applying Dialectical Behavior Therapy Methods to Personality Disorder Patients in Healthcare Settings. Asia Health Care Journal, 1, 5-10.
  • Perepletchikova, F., Ansell, E. B., & Axelrod, S. R. (2012). Borderline personality disorder features and history of childhood maltreatment in mothers involved with child protective services. Child Maltreatment, 17, 182-190.
  • Axelrod, S. R., Perepletchikova, F., Holtzman, K., & Sinha, R. (2011). Emotion Regulation and Substance Use Frequency in Women with Substance Dependence and Borderline Personality Disorder Receiving Dialectical Behavior Therapy. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 37, 37-42.



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