Rebecca A Miller PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Peer Support & Volunteer Services, CMHC

Research Interests

My research interests include processes of recovery from psychiatric and substance use disorders, especially innovative and community-based collaborations

Selected Publications

  • Davidson, L, Bellamy, C, Guy, K, & Miller, R. (2012). Peer support among persons with severe mental illnesses: a review of evidence and experience. World Psychiatry, 11: 123-128.
  • Rowe M, Clayton A, Benedict P, Bellamy C, Antunes K, Miller R, Pelletier J-F, Stern E, O’Connell, M. (2012). Going to the source: Citizenship Outcome Measure Development. Psychiatric Services, 63; 445-450.
  • Miller, R., Ponce, A., & Thompson, K. (2011). Deinstitutionalization and the Community Mental Health Movement, 1954-1976. In eds. Michael Rowe, Martha Lawless, Ken Thompson. Classics of Community Psychiatry. Oxford University Press.
  • Tondora, J., O’Connell, M., Miller, R., Dinzeo, T., Bellamy, C., Andres-Hyman, R., & Davidson, L. (2010). A clinical trial of peer-based culturally responsive person-centered care for psychosis for African Americans and Latinos. Clinical Trials, 7(4), 368-379.

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