Michael A Hoge PhD

Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Yale Behavioral Health; Director, Yale Group on Workforce Development; Director, Clinical Training in Psychology

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Office of Student ResearchPsychiatry: Yale Behavioral Health Services; Yale Behavioral Health Services; Psychology Section; Yale Program on Supervision; Cedarhurst School

Research Interests

Systems of care; Severe mental illness; Workforce development; Behavioral health; Supervision more...


  • B.A., Kent State University, 1977
  • Ph.D., Kent State University, 1984

Selected Publications

  • Hoge, M., Paris, M., Añez, L. M., & Corominas, A. Las multiples caras de la hospitalizacion parcial (The many faces of partial hospitalization). Revista Diversitas: Perspectivas en Psicología, 5 (1), 13-26, 2009
  • Stuart GW, Hoge MA, Morris JA, Adams N, & Daniels AS. The Annapolis Coalition Report on the United State’s Behavioral Health Workforce Needs: International Implications. International Journal of Mental Health, 38, (1), 46-60, 2009
  • Desai, R.A., Goulet, J.L., Robbins, J., Chapman, J.F., Migdole, S.J., Hoge, M.A. Mental health care in juvenile detention facilities: a review. The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law 34, (2), 204-214, 2006



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