Joan M. Cook PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Research Interests

Traumatic stress; Geriatric mental health; Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices

Research Summary

Dr. Cook’s clinical and research interests falls within three domains:
traumatic stress, geriatric mental health, and the dissemination and implementation of effective mental health services in the community. She is currently the principal investigator of a NIMH career development award examining psychotherapy dissemination to front-line clinicians. Her ultimate goal in this regard is to offer empirically-supported recommendations on how to overcome the barriers to achieving effective treatments in the community and to apply such protocols in large scale services effectiveness research. One focus is on understanding means of influencing clinician attitudes and preferences with an equal concentration on re-designing interventions and strategies to implement them to fit the needs and preferences of clinicians.

Selected Publications

  • Cook, J. M., Dinnen, S., Thompson, R., Simiola, V., & Schnurr, P. P. (2014). Changes in implementation of two evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD in VA residential treatment programs: A national investigation. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 27, 137-143.
  • Cook, J. M., Newman, E., & the New Haven Trauma Competency Work Group. (2014). A consensus statement on trauma mental health: The New Haven Competency Conference process and major findings. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy, 6, 300-307.
  • Cook, J.M., Pilver, C., Dinnen, S., Schnurr, P.P., & Hoff, R. (2013). Prevalence of physical and sexual assault and mental health disorders in older women: Findings from a nationally representative sample. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 21, 877-886.
  • Cook, J. M., O’Donnell, C., Dinnen, S. D. Coyne, J. C., Ruzek, J. I., & Schnurr, P. P. (2012). Measurement of a model of implementation for health care: Advancement toward a testable theory. Implementation Science, 3, 59-64.
  • Cook, J. M., Dinnen, S., Rehman, O., Bufka, L., & Courtois, C. A. (2011). Responses of a sample of practicing psychologists to questions about clinical work with trauma and interest in specialized training. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy, 3, 253-257.
  • Cook, J. M., Harb, G., Gehrman, P., Gamble, G., Cary, M., Forbes, D., & Ross, R. (2010). Imagery Rehearsal for posttraumatic nightmares in Vietnam veterans: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 23, 553-563.
  • Cook, J. M., Schnurr, P., Biyanova, T., & Coyne, J. C. (2009). Apples don’t fall far from the trees: An internet survey of influences on psychotherapists’ adoption and sustained use of new therapies. Psychiatric Services, 60, 671-676.
  • Cook, J. M., Biyanova, T., Masci, C., & Coyne, J. C. (2007). Older patient perspectives on long-term anxiolytic benzodiazepine use and discontinuation: A qualitative study. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 22, 1094-1100.
  • Cook, J. M., Riggs, D. S., Thompson, R., Coyne, J. C., & Sheikh, J. (2004). Post-traumatic stress disorder and current relationship functioning of WWII ex-prisoners of war. Journal of Family Psychology, 18, 36-45.
  • Cook, J. M., Pearson, J. L., Thompson, R., Black, B. S., & Rabins, P. V. (2002). Suicidality in older African-Americans: Findings from the EPOCH study. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 10, 437-446. .

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