Elizabeth Hanford Flanagan PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Research Interests

Stigma; Discrimination; Health equity; Disparities; Cultural competence; Diagnosis; Classification; Clinicians' conceptualization of mental illness and diagnostic behavior; Subjective experience of mental illness

Research Summary

My research focuses on health equity. One research line investigates stigma in health care, structural stigma, stigma in the community, and self-stigma including interventions to reduce stigma in health care providers and the community. Another research line investigates health disparities in the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addication Services (DMHAS) and interventions to address these disparities. I have received funding from the NIMH and private foundations to conduct my research. Current projects include:

1) mixed-methods research (quantitative-qualitative) investigating stigma and discrimination in the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services system.

2) investigating the impact of "Recovery Speaks," a photovoice intervention to reduce stigma in healthcare and the community.

3) mixed method research investigating disparities in access, treatment engagement, and health outcomes for people who receive services from the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

4) evaluating system-level interventions to eliminate health disparities in CT DMHAS including staff training and workforce development

Selected Publications

  • Blashfield, R.K., Keeley, J.W., Flanagan, E.H., Miles, S.R. "The Cycle of Classification: DSM-I through DSM-5." Annual review of clinical psychology. 2014. 10:25-51.
  • Delphin-Rittmon, M., Bellamy, C., Ridgway, P., Guy, K., Ortiz, J., Flanagan, E.H., Davidson, L. “I never really discuss that with my clinician”: U.S. Consumer perspectives on the place of culture in behavioural health care. Diversity in Health and Care. 2013. :143-154.
  • Flanagan, E.H., Solomon, L.A., Johnson, A., Ridgeway, P., Strauss, J., & Davidson, L. Considering DSM-5: The personal experience of schizophrenia in relationship to the DSM-IV-TR criteria. Psychiatry. 2012. 75:375-386.
  • Delphin-Rittmon, M., Andres-Hyman, R., Flanagan, E.H., Ortiz, J., Amer, M.M., & Davidson, L. Racial-ethnic differences in referral source, diagnosis, and length of stay in inpatient substance abuse treatment. Psychiatric Services. 2012. 63:612-615.
  • Flanagan E.H., Miller R.M., & Davidson L. "Unfortunately, we treat the chart": sources of stigma in mental health settings. Psychiatric Quarterly. 2009, 80:55-64.
  • Flanagan, E.H., Keeley, J., & Blashfield, R.K. (2008). An alternative hierarchical organization of the mental disorders of DSM-IV. Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 117, 693-698.
  • Flanagan, E. H., Davidson, L., & Strauss, J. S. (2007). Issues for DSM-V: Incorporating patients' subjective experiences. American Journal of Psychiatry, 164(3), 391-392.

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