Carolyn M. Mazure PhD

Norma Weinberg Spungen and Joan Lebson Bildner Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology; Director, Women's Health Research at Yale

Research Interests

Depression; Addictive behaviors; Women's health research; Gender specific aspects of health and disease and the interplay of stress

Research Summary

Carolyn M. Mazure is a Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology. She created and directs Yale's research program on health and gender, Women's Health Research at Yale, which initiates and supports innovative studies on women's health and translates findings into practice. Professor Mazure's own research focuses on the development of models for understanding depression and addictive disorders, with a special emphasis on gender-based analyses.

Selected Publications

  • Arnsten A, Mazure CM, Sinha R. This is your brain in meltdown. Scientific American, 306(4): 48-53, 2012 April
  • Weinberger AH, Pilver CE, Desai R, Mazure CM, McKee SA. The relationship of major depressive disorder and gender to changes in smoking for current and former smokers: Longitudinal evaluation of the U.S. population. Addiction, 2012 March [In Press]
  • Cosgrove KP, Esterlis I, McKee SA, Bois F, Seibyl JP, Mazure CM, Krishnan-Sarin S, Staley JK, Picciotto MR, O'Malley SS. Sex and hormones regulate availability of B2* - nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in recently abstinent tobacco smokers and nonsmokers. Archives of General Psychiatry, 69(4): 418-27, 2012
  • Spann MN, Mayes LC, Kalmar JH, Guiney J, Womer FY, Pittman B, Mazure CM, Sinha R, Blumberg HP. Childhood abuse and neglect and cognitive flexibility in adolescents. Child Neuropsychology, 18(2): 182-9, 2012
  • Edmiston EE, Wang F, Mazure CM, Sinha R, Mayes LC, Blumberg HP. Corticostriatal-limbic gray matter morphology in adolescents exposed to childhood maltreatment. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 165(12):1069-1077, 2011
  • Weinberger AH, McKee SA, Picciotto M, Mazure CM. Examining antidepressant drug response by smoking status: Why is it important and how often is it done? Journal of Psychopharmacology, 25(10):1269-76, 2010

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