Paul H Desan MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Psychiatric Consultation Service

Research Interests

Seasonal Affective disorder; Light therapy; Circadian rhythms

Selected Publications

  • Desan PH. Zimbrean PC. Weinstein AJ. Bozzo JE. Sledge WH. Proactive psychiatric consultation services reduce length of stay for admissions to an inpatient medical team. Psychosomatics, 2011, 52:513-20. Ancoli-Israel, S., Rissling, M., Neikrug, A., Trofimenko, V., Natarajan, L., Parker, B.A., Lawton, S., Desan, P.H., Liu, L. Light treatment prevents fatigue in women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Support Care Cancer 2010. Oren, D.A., Desan, P.H. Light and Non-Visual Photoreception. In Partonen, Pandi-Perumal (eds): Seasonal Affective Disorder: Practice and Research, Second Edition. Oxford University Press, NY, 2009. Desan, P. H., Weinstein, A. J., Michalak, E. E., Tam, E. M., Meesters, Y., Ruiter, M. J., Horn, E., Telner, J., Iskandar, H., Boivin, D. B., Lam, R. W. A Controlled Trial of The Litebook Light-Emitting Diode (Led) Light Therapy Device For Treatment Of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). BMC Psychiatry, 2007, 7:38.

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