Noah Alexander Capurso MD, MHS

Research Interests

Education creativity poetry drug delivery nanoparticle

Current Projects

Poetry writting with psychiatric patients.

Research Summary

Creativity in Mentally Illness- Using patient written poetry as a means to better understand the subjective experience of mental illness.

Localized Drug Delivery- Development of novel nanoparticulate drug delivery vehicles to enhance drug potency and minimize side effects.

Selected Publications

  • Greunschel B, Capurso NA, Geha PY, Kerns RD. Chronic Pain. In: Mills PJ, Shimbo, D, eds. Behavioral and Social Science in Medicine: Principles and Practice of Biopsychosocial Care. New York, NY: Springer; submitted.
  • Capurso, Noah. Get Into Med School: Tips and Advice from an Ivy League Medical Student and Admissions Committee Member. New Haven: New Brade Publishing, 2011.
  • Capurso NA, Fahmy, TM. Development of a pH-Responsive Particulate Drug Delivery Vehicle for Localized Biologic Therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Yale J Biol Med; 84:3, 285-288; 2011.
  • Capurso NA, Look M, Jeanbart L, Nowyhed H, Craft J, Abraham C, Fahmy, TM. Development of a Nanoparticulate Formulation of Retinoic Acid that Suppresses Th17 Cells and Upregulates Regulatory T Cells. Self/Nonself; 1:4, 1-6; 2010.

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